Thomas, Thomas, Thomas

Our house is definitely filled to the brim with Thomas stuff. From forks, to chairs, sheets, to books, and everything in between, there is no escaping the Thomas Empire. I’ve been driving my Thomas train Powerwheel from Nanny, I had a great time driving it around the high school.

I have a Lego track of the Misty Island movie, which is pretty much the best thing ever! Dad and I have been hard at working making endless combinations of tracks! I’ll tell him if it needs to be short or tall, straight or windy, and help him put it together. I’m well on my way to letting mom and dad retire in style with that engineering degree!

One thought on “Thomas, Thomas, Thomas

  1. Hi Canton Gregory,
    Wow, what a fun track!! Dad is really a good track builder, with your help of course. I wonder if I could ride on that train? It sure looks like you are enjoying Thomas the train and all of the others. You also like riding the Thomas the train “vehicle” Nanny and Grandpa sent you for your 2nd. Birthday. You have had so much fun with all of your Birthday presents. So many, many people love you! You are so lucky. Have fun playing and we hope to see all of you soon…..
    Love you!!!!

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