Day Out With THOMAS!

Wow! Today was pretty much the best day ever! We went to Blowing Rock, NC (near Boone) to visit Tweetsie Railroad. Guess who was there? Thomas!!

When we first got there I had a complete meltdown over putting sunscreen on, but after that I was the happiest kid there! As soon as we got in the park I saw a real like Thomas the Tank Engine! Mom and Dad didn’t scheduled our ride until noon, so I had to wait two hours before riding him, but that was okay!

We played on a Thomas moon bounce, met Sir Topham Hatt, got a cool tattoo of Percy, ate some good food, and then FINALLY we got to ride on Thomas! I kept saying “ready to go, ready to go on Thomas” Mom and Dad just couldn’t get over my smile! We rode for 30 mins around the park, it was pretty much the thrill of my life so far!

Then we rode an awesome chairlift up to the top of the mountain. Mom was super scared, but I was super brave! I even asked to go on it again. At the top we saw a couple music shows and I fed some animals! I just loved the animals, the goats were probably my favorite, that is until a llama spit/snorted on me and Dad! I laughed and laughed! But I think Mom is scared for life!

Then we rode a merry-go-round and a ferris wheel! Can you believe they let me do all of this?? I’m the happiest kid ever!!!
Oh yeah, then on the way back we saw the Miracle on the Hudson plane!

One thought on “Day Out With THOMAS!

  1. Hi Canton Gregory,
    I know Thomas the Train was so happy to see you. He knows you are one of his very favorite little boys. I am so glad you, Mom & Dad had such a wonderful, enjoyable day. Bet you liked riding the Merry Go Round too. I used to ride the Merry Go Round down at Great Falls Park when I was a little girl and would catch the “gold ring”. It was a lot of fun. When I caught the “gold ring” I could ride around again for free. That was quite a big deal…..Have fun and will see all of you Saturday. Love you…..

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