2 thoughts on “Ferris Wheel!

  1. Oh what a cool trip you had to Tweetsie Railroad Canton! That was one of our favorite places to go when Matthew and Hannah were younger. I remember going there as a kid too. I have a photo of myself and of the kids on the exact same horse you are sitting on. Love to go to that place and a great park for little kids. Makes me miss those days! Keep enjoying every second of the summer!

  2. Hi Canton Gregory,
    Wow, what a big boy you are to ride that great big ferris wheel……Looks like you really had fun. I love the video. You have done do many, many things with Mom & Dad. They love you so much and enjoy being with you and taking you different places. I wonder where you will be going next? I know soon you will be going to Florida to Nanny & Grandpas. Hopefully all of us will be there together Have fun….Love you all…..

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