3 thoughts on “More NBBJ

  1. Hi Buddy
    Well keep warm and hopfully Granpal and I will see all of you soon, We had a Wonderful time.

  2. Thanks for an amazing visit Canton! Mr Ben and I had so much fun and can’t stop singing Johnny Cash songs or saying “Jaaaaaaag.” You really are a special little man and I hope I can work on seeing you more often than I have. I miss you so much already and hope Mommy is bouncing you as high on the ball as I did 🙂 Love you mucho!

  3. Hi Canton Gregory,
    You are truly the “center of attraction”.!!!! Always know everyone loves you sooooo much and you have brought so much love and happiness to our family. You are so special and you have a “glow” that radiates to everyone. Everyday is special!! We love all of you and hope to see you soon…..The pictures are so good and shows us all of you had so much fun…Maybe we can skype soon.

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