Thanksgiving 2011

My THIRD Thanksgiving! WOW! Everyone couldn’t get over how much I have changed.

We were going to leave on Thursday, but I was so excited to leave I told mom that “I want to go see Poppy and GG, so we need to go today not tomorrow.” Talk about a smart fella!!

I warmed up to Poppy right away, we are total buds forever. He and Grandma gave me a ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas book and Poppy recorded himself reading it so I can listen to him every night! Poppy and I also played in piles and piles of leaves and chased each other for over three hours, while I stayed up WAAAAY past my bedtime.

I enjoyed a delicious meal, I especially loved the green beans, “mac-e-wony” and HAM.

We visited Clearbrook park where we saw tons of lights and I even saw SANTA!!! Mom talked me up to be brave, so I didn’t cry, but I did have quite a terrified look on my face! 🙂

Top it off with a Hokie victory and a big card game at GG’s house, quite a great holiday!

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2011

  1. Hi Buddy
    I am so glad you had a good time with Poppy,
    That was so nice of Poppy to make you a recorded book so you can always listen to him.

  2. Hi Canton Gregory,
    So glad you had such a wonderful, memorable day with everyone. You look so happy in the pictures and I know you had fun with Poppy playing in the leaves. There certainly was enough of them!!! I know the Thanksgiving dinner was delicious as it always is and I know you loved the “green beans”….I can just imagine your beautiful eyes looking at all of the Christmas lights and Santa. It will not be too long before Santa will be arriving at your house with all of the surprises for you. You have been such a good boy, as always, I know he will leave some nice gifts and presents for you. Sorry we did not see you and everyone during the Thanksgiving Season, but maybe we will see you soon….Remember we love all of you….

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