Nanny, Becky, Ben, and Jesse

I sure love my family! I think Nanny and Becky are pretty much the most fun people ever! We had a FANTASTIC time during our visit!

I was soooo excited when they got here, and they did not disappoint! We spent lots of time playing trains, running races, making “skabetti”, throwing rocks in puddles, making music, hiking, and doing “boy stuff”. One time while bouncing I guess I had a funny look on my face and Becky stopped bouncing me and ask what was wrong, I replied: “I’m just happy.” Everyone thought that was the cutest thing ever! I impressed everyone with my vocab and humor, no suprise there!

When Mom told me Nanny was leaving on Sunday I said “That makes me so sad, I will cry!” How funny am I?

I can’t believe how fast our time went. We miss you so much already! Can’t wait until I see everyone again! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Nanny, Becky, Ben, and Jesse

  1. Hi Buddy
    Sure do miss you guy!!!!!!!!
    Granpal and I had a great time. He said he hopes you are having fun with your tools.

  2. Hi Canton Gregory,
    You are truly blessed to have sooooo many family members who looooooove you so much. Wish Pap & I could have been with all of you but at least we got to skype. Keep that wonderful smile and have fun…..We love all of you. Hope we can see you soon.

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