Halloween Three!

I had the best costume ever thanks to Aunt Becky! I told everyone “I’m an anstronaunt I go to the moon”. I also said “trick or treat” and “Happy Halloween” to everyone we passed. I saw some kids from my school too and recognized them outside of school! I kept saying “I want my bucket, more candy please” even though Mom isn’t going to let me all of it!

Mom and Dad just think I’m the cutest thing ever!

So excited for Nanny, Becky, Jesse, and Ben to come see me on Thursday!!!

2 thoughts on “Halloween Three!

  1. Hi Canton Gregory,
    As always, you are absolutely the most precious Great Grandson ever. Your astronaut costume Aunt Becky sent you looks so cute and fits you so good. It looks like you are getting ready to take a flight into space….I am so glad you had so much fun and I do wish we could have seen you. Did you get a lot of treats? You are going to have lots of family at your house soon. I know it will be a happy time for all of you. Have fun and remember we love all of you.!!!!

  2. Hi Buddy
    Man it looks like you had a BIG bucket full of candy, hope Mom lets you eat some. Just a few more days and we will see you Mom and Dad.

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