One thought on “All I want for Christmas Is…

  1. Hi Canton Gregory,
    Oh boy, what a happy time for you and all of us. Santa Clause will be coming in 2 days!!! He will be coming to Nannie and Grandpal’s house this year because you, Mom & Dad are there for the lovely Christmas Holidays. “Mal” & Pap are down staying at Aunt Rha Rha’s house so all of us will be together. What a happy day!!!! I can’t wait to watch you open all of you gifts and to play with your toys Santa leaves for you. I love watching you bright beautiful eyes sparkle as they are beautiful…..Have a wonderful “Merry Christmas”!!!!We love all of you……We will skype with Aunt Becky and Uncle Ben and hope Santa stops by their house to leave them something nice too. We will miss them…..Love all of you…..

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