Rocking Around the Christmas Tree

Mom and Dad are so excited about this Christmas! I am offically the coolest and most excited kid ever! I decorated the tree all by myself, you can see my Thomas front and center–thanks Rhonda!

Mom got a countdown snowman that I love to change every morning and scream “Only x # of days until Christmas!” They also love the fact that when I’m asked what I want for Christmas I reply “nothing”, how cute am I? I definitely have enough toys!

I’ve also enjoyed baking the last few days, I’m a great helper and LOVE to measure and pour. Today we’re attempting a GINGERBREAD HOUSE! We’ll let you know! 🙂

One thought on “Rocking Around the Christmas Tree

  1. Hi Canton Gregory,
    What a happy, happy time for you, Mom & Dad. Christmas is the “bestest” Holiday ever. You did a wonderful job decorating the Christmas tree and the Thomas the train Aunt Rhonda gave you is out front leading the rest of the ornaments. The candy canes look so nice.
    When Aunt Rhonda, Nanny, your Mom, Aunt Becky and Uncle Jesse were little, at different times, Pap & I had so much fun with them decorating our Christmas tree, wrapping the Christmas presents and putting them under the tree and leaving milk and cookies for Santa Clause when he came to our house to deliver the presents, gifts and toys. We would make cookies and just have lots of fun.
    Now it is your turn Canton Gregory….All of us will have fun with you, our precious Great Grandson who has blessed us with such happiness since the day you were born. We do hope all of us can be together to celebrate Christmas. I love watching you open your gifts and those “beautiful eyes sparkle”.
    Thank you and Mom for skyping with us yesterday as it “made my day”…..
    Love all of you and hope to see you soon.
    Remember it is almost time for Santa to come!!!!! Hope your cupcakes and gingerbread house turned out good……..I know Dad helped you and Mom too as he is such a great Dad……

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