4 thoughts on “Super Cute Picture Session

  1. Hi Canton Gregory,
    Thank you for the adoreable pictures of a handsome little boy who is our precious Great Grandson. You are so cute!!!!! You look like a model and will be able to do anything you set out to do. Your pictures remind me of a little country boy in school who could be Tom Sawyer…….You have a way of bringing out a smile from me everytime I see you as you melt my heart and I love you so very much. Always remember we are here for you and love you, love you. love you…..Hope to skype with you and Mom soon……..

  2. Really cute, love the outfit! Does he still have it? That would be a good ring bearer outfit…will talk today

  3. Hi Buddy
    Looks like you live in Floyd! What a great picture. That is sooooooo cute.

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