Three Year Old Photos

We had my Three-year-old pictures done today. The photographers said I was the BEST little boy, a ham, and super smart.

They didn’t need to do any of that silly stuff with stuffed animals and funny faces for me, I easily posed and smiled, or I would yell the word “government” or “cooperate” to smile! I was making everyone in the store laugh!

I also had my last swim lesson today. Dad dunked me underwater, I was not a big fan. I told him “Dad, don’t do that anymore! I don’t like going under!” That will change soon enough at Nanny’s pool!

2 thoughts on “Three Year Old Photos

  1. Hi Buddy
    Boy you go from swimmer to model, those sure are nice pictures you did a great job. You sure are growing up to be a little man. Can’t wait to see you all, keep up with your swimming so when you come to see Granpal and me we can stay in the pool without floats!!!!!

  2. Hi Canton Gregory,
    Pictures say a thousand words and your pictures go way up in the millions. I told your Mom everytime I see your pictures I get tears in my eyes as you are such a “special little boy”. You have always brought love, joy and happiness to all of us and as you grow it doubles. I am so happy I have had the opportunity to have our children, Grandchildren and you Canton Gregory, our very special Great Grandson…..No one will ever begin to understand what it means to have someone to love as much as when you have family. We have been righly blessed and I am so very thankful. Always know we are here for all of you and we love you very much. Keep that wonderful, loving smile, cute personality and the love I see from your eyes everytime I see you. You always make my day…….Hope to see you soon. It is hard to believe you are going to be three years old on May 13, 2012. Hope to see you then…
    I wonder what kind of birthday cake you will have?????? I know it will be good. See you!!!!

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