Liberty at 12 Months!

Liberty is ONE! She is ALLLLLL over the place! She has been taking steps for a long time, but once she figured it out, boy did she go! Funny what a difference a month can make.

She also has gotten one, yes just one, tiny tooth to poke through. She is enjoying third foods, particularly spaghetti and still loves cereal. She will gobble up yogurt and strawberries. She isn’t big on table food, unless it is the smallest minuscule piece she spits it out. I guess we have a few more months of buying baby food.

Liberty hasn’t added any new words this month, but has figured out to finally sign “more” and “please”. It is great she doesn’t scream and point anymore! Although she doesn’t speak many words yet she babbles up a storm. We all love how she says “yum yum yum” as she eats! She also is a PRO at following directions! She will frequently follow two-step directions like “go get your phone toy and put it in your cart” or similar things. She loves to follow me to the bathroom or to go get her diaper changed! I just tell her where I’m going and down the hall she goes.

Liberty is still not a fan of strangers, she screamed her head off when her pediatrician just looked at her. Fortunately, she went to Rhonda and Nanny very easily, and she still loves Pap!

We’ve had a great year with our sweet girl!

Happy Birthday Liberty!

Height: 30.5 inches (yes, I realize last month was 31, so I guess her fat feet have flattened as she continues to walk! 🙂 )

Weight: 22 lbs 1 oz



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  1. Happy 1st little lady! Glad so many people could be with you to celebrate your big day. Sounds like you had lots of fun and have had a great 1st year. Hope to see you soon love!

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