Liberty is 22 Months!

Liberty keeps growing and growing as does her independent streak! She continues to amaze us with her spirit. She’s not afraid of anything!

She continues to love to be outside, especially climbing up the slide ladder and her BUBBLES!

Her favorite food is eggs but this girl will eat pretty much anything. Actually, I’m trying to think of something she doesn’t like now and it’s a tough one, she’s kind of picky about the texture of meat though, but otherwise she will eat anything you put in front of her. Wish her brother would! 🙂

Speaking of brother, she loves to do anything and everything Canton. She’ll mimic his gestures and loves to have him tickle her, especially her feet. They have been super cute together lately. I’ve walked in on them several times reading together, so sweet!

During our walks she loves to look at the animals in the neighborhood, particularly the cats. She knows exactly where they live and starts saying “Hi meow”. We are just waiting for when she brings one home!

Here’s to another great month!

Height: 33 1/4 inches
Weight: 26 lbs


One thought on “Liberty is 22 Months!

  1. Hi Canton&My Little Princess
    You guys look so cute! Minnie looks good too (HA HA) I cant believe you will soon be 6 and 2! Time sure flies! Hope to see you guys real soon!!!


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