Liberty’s New Room

Rha Rha continues to spoil her princess. She got a new bedroom suite today–Disney Princess of course!

She was so excited to get her new bed. She even said “hi” to the delivery guys when she never says hello to any new person.

She jumped and climed and shouted “yay yay” as she tried out her new digs. She has also learned to open Mal’s beanie baby cabinet. 

She also wanted to get pictures showing off each furniture piece. HAHA

Thanks so much Rhonda!

               Thanks so much Rhonda! 


One thought on “Liberty’s New Room

  1. Hi Princess
    I am so happy that you like your new bedroom set! I knew it was you when I saw it in the store.I want you to know that Mal had a part in this too, you will understand when you get older. I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH, and I will always spoil you!!! Hope to see you soon!


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