Hokie Man

Mom and Dad bought me a new Hokie hat that I had to show off today, must have provided some good luck for our big win over BC.  Good luck to Super T and the Gators tonight, my aunt Becky is trying to raise me a Gator! 

I had a great day with Mom and Dad filled with eating cereal, sitting, listening to music, and practicing being on my stomach—crawling is just around the corner!

2 thoughts on “Hokie Man

  1. Hi Canton Gregory,
    You fill my heart with so much joy. How blessed all of us are to have such a healthy, happy and precious little boy to love. Everyday your smile radiates love and I am so thankful to be your Great Grandmother, and Pap is happy to be your Great Grandfather. You look so cute in your new Hokies hat. I am certain you will be attending VT when you graduate from high school. You are sitting up real well and looks like you are getting ready for Halloween with that great big pumpkin. When I looked at these sweet pictures tears came to my eyes as I love you so very much…..See you soon…..Love you!!!!

  2. Ha Buddy
    I think Mom and Dad should let you give Florida the same time in your Gator shirt. I know you have to act like your a VT man, but we know!!!!!!!!!!
    Your look like you have the sitting up down pat now. I guess in a few months Mom&Dad will be chasing you around the house. Hope to see you soon.
    Love you all

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