34 Weeks!

Lots of changes again this week!  Mom and Dad went back to work, they miss me but I’m having too much fun at Gayle’s to know they are gone.  Jaxon and Asa gave me an awesome knitted hat that keeps me warm AND fits over my helmet!

I rolled over from my back to my stomach unassisted the first time yesterday, Kathy at physical therapy was SO proud of me!  Hopefully this leap will help me with the whole crawling and torticollis thing. 

I’ve also had a couple days in which I’ve eaten over 50 ounces, so mom decided even though I don’t have teeth I definitely need more food.  Since I want to feed myself so badly she tried some broken up Cheerios.  I definitely noticed the different texture–as demonstrated in the pictures—but I liked the taste!  I’ve been holding my own bottle for a while, but I’ve been really interested in cups that aren’t my sippy cup, so I’ve been drinking from an open cup, so much fun! 

We go to Wake on the 19th–keep my nice smooth head in your thoughts!

One thought on “34 Weeks!

  1. LooooVE the beanie Can-Man! You look adorable. Yummy yummy cheerios. We will be cereal buddies one day. Miss you!

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