42 Weeks!

Another week, more changes.  I’ve gotten one of my top teeth and the other one is right behind.  I’ve also been starting to dance a lot more to music, I’ve always loved music but now I rock and sway, it is a ton of fun!  I’ve started to pull and push my Lego blocks together, I understand how they fit on each other now.  Most importantly, I’m transferring from object to object and I’ve taken up to four steps!!!  I’ve even started walking without wheels–on my diaper box.  My balance is improving and I am in LOVE with walking alone!

One thought on “42 Weeks!

  1. Hi Canton Gregory,
    You have learned so many things in 42 Weeks!!!I wonder how many more new things you will learn by the time you are 1 Year old??? You are so lucky to have such a loving, caring Mom & Dad who spends so much quality time with you to teach you lots of things to do….Any day now I expect Mom to call me to tell us you are walking all over the place. You are a very smart little boy who is loved so very much. Keep skyping with us so we can watch you crawl, walk and dance…..LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!

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