What’s Canton Been Up To?

It has been a while since we lasted posted. Mom doesn’t have a lot of time since dad is busy with wrestling.

We FINALLY got a little bit of snow, I had a grand time playing in it! Mommy’s friend Julia came to see me! I went to a couple of daddy’s wrestling matches, and spent many evenings and Saturdays making crafts w/ mom.

One thought on “What’s Canton Been Up To?

  1. Hi Canton Gregory,
    Well I can see you have had a fun time with the snow and doing all of your crafts. You certainly stay busy!!! The snow looks pretty. We had some too but it did not last long. When we skype again please show me some of the crafts you made. It was nice of Julia to come by for a visit. I know she thought you were a big man and a smart one too…..Have fun and tell Mom & Dad hi for us and hopefully we will skype soon…..
    Love all of you…..

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