Forensics Super Regionals 2024

He is the champion!!!!!!! Canton has worked hard over the last couple months drafting his piece. He got second place in the regional competition and was able to overcome the guy who beat him at regions to become the super regional champion!

Jamestown got third overall! Canton will have the state competition at the end of March. We are so stinking proud of this kid!!

Choir Festival 2024

Canton participated with Jamestown on the Choir Festival today at CNU. He worked for weeks on the songs and spent many hours after school perfecting his instrument. We are so proud to say that he was selected as State Alternate! He is the first Jamestown freshman ever to be All-State eligible! We are so proud of him!!

Canton’s Disney Band Trip

Canton is in the air right now bound for Disney world! We cannot wait for him to get back, we already miss him so much!

We had breakfast together. He was a great brother tucking them in last night as Owen. The girls had a a rough morning missing him.

Have a good flight!

We tracked his plane.

FaceTime! He said he had fun swimming and hanging around the hotel. Wednesday is Epcot and Thursday is parade day at MK!

Merry Christmas 2023

Merry Christmas to All!

The Murphy kids sure must have been good this year! Santa brought them all musical instruments and Adleigh named their band “The Squirrels”! Canton has already taken off with learning some chords on the guitar. Liberty can actually make a great sound on the violin, as opposed to my creaking staircase sound. Adleigh has played her ukulele so much she has a blister 🙁

We enjoyed FaceTiming and opening gifts with Nanny and Rhonda. Thanks to Becky and Ben for the games they sent!

Liberty is so excited to her new silky pjs and sheets!

Thanks for Pap for the cards! So glad we got to spend time with you!

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